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I’m sitting on a dream

Out on my 1h night cardio. Swedish rapper Petter is playing in my headphones ?. Low day/shred day today which means lower calorie intake and more cardiovascular training ??. What am I shredding for...

BCAA 8:1:1 Review 0

BCAA 8:1:1 Review

A new bcaa from Star Nutrition with the perfect ratio 8:1:1. I have tested grapefruit flavour since I like grapefruits. My expectations were not super high for taste actually. Leucine isn’t among the best...


Hustle now, chill later

I’m extremely busy atm. Training, eating and working pretty much sums it up ?. Don’t take me wrong though. I love it.  Business is going well. High season for gaming with many new releases....

Chokladkaseinbollar 0


Testade att göra de här igår kväll. Måste säga att de smakade ganska gott för att vara ett nyttigt alternativ (Y) 30g Casein-80 35g Havregryn 5g Cacao 4g Stevia 80g vatten 4g Kokosflingor