Hustle now, chill later

I’m extremely busy atm. Training, eating and working pretty much sums it up ?. Don’t take me wrong though. I love it.  Business is going well. High season for gaming with many new releases. Wish I could play some also. Hopefully in december I can. Check out my main swedish webshop for pc games

Was looking through some pics from last autumn when me and my girlfriend went to Thailand for two weeks. Love that country.  A big pro having a business all online is that you can travel almost whenever you feel like it. I just have to convince my girlfriend starting something similar for herself so she can follow me around the world whenever we feel like it ?.

Any tips on where to travel next? ???

thailand speedboat flip flop thailand

De stavade fel på min båt..

De stavade fel på min båt..

Thailand water

Du gillar kanske också...

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