My thoughts on new IFBB class

In 2016 a new class called Classic Physique is coming in the IFBB and NPC. No information on if this class is coming to the national IFBB amateur orginisations yet. In Europe we already have the Classic Bodybuilding class wich is very similar.

Front Double Biceps
Side Chest
Back Double Biceps
Abdominals and thighs
Favourite classic pose (no most muscular)

Final rounds:
60 second posing round
Confirmation round

When hearing about this class I immidietaly think of Sadik Hadzovic who I think would fit in very well, alongside a bunch of other Men’s Physique Pro’s. Who do you think will take a step in to this class?

I would be allowed to wheigh 77kg in Classic Physique (about +7kg from last comp.) which is a lot! So I think Men’s Physique will fit me very very well next year :).

See announcement video below ?

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