New Bench Record!

My shoulder feels better now and today I was able to train real heavy on my chest session. I started with some dumbbell warm up followed with max lifts in bench press. I set a new personal record of 140kg :D. Tried on 145 also, it was close but didn’t make it.

Chest session after warm up and max lifts:

4 sets dumbbell chest press on 48kg
4 sets chest press machine (slight decline) – 50kg per side
some pushups directly after some sets
3 sets flyes in cable cross with holds on stretch and flex
Finished the session off with some abs. Crunches, ab crunch machine and ab wheel machine(behind me in picture).
Men's Physique Gymgrossisten

Gymgrossisten Poko

Poko Chest

Saga practiced some posing after her training also.

back look bikini front bikini bikini back

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