Taco Thursday and Arm Day ?

2015-12-10. Training: Arms

Morning weight: 78.1 kg
Kcal: Too much!

Todays training was really good with great pump and contact. Biceps first, then triceps and finished off with some forearms.

Check vlog for some of the excersices :).

Pre Workout: 1 dosage Star Nutrition Dominate, Animal Aminos, 5g Star Nutrition Kre-Alkalyn, 2g l-carnitine.

Post workout:
1: 17g BCAA Hardcore Chained Nutrition
2: 25g Biotech Whey Isolate
3: 18g Biotech Whey Isolate, 100g Oats
4: Tacos (as much as I could eat, lol)

Soo.. today we did a cheat evening post workout with tacos and some candy. As usual I tend to eat a little bit too much. The taco mince we made on moose mince which is much lower on fat. I think about 3%. But I added some cheese to my nachos to compensate it ;).

Vlog: https://youtu.be/S__94U0vZGg

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  1. Oliver skriver:

    Fortsätt me videobloggar, de är kul

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