Grocery shopping and training after cheat night

2015-12-13. Training: Delts + Back

Morning weight: 81.8 kg
Kcal: 3200

First session (Delts):
See video below for some of the excercises

Second session (Back):
Needed to make it quite a quick session since it was late so I did some supersets.
Started off with seated rows with narrow grip superseted with lat pulldowns with narrow grip. 4 sets each. Went over to a lat pulldown machine from Technogym and did 3 sets with some pauses/hold.
3 set seated row machine
3 set seated upright row machine
3 set straight arm pulldown in cable cross

Poko’s bodybuilding gains season shopping list:
Sweet Potatoes
Chicken fillet
Egg whites
Wok mix
BBQ Sauce
Rice cakes

Off season clean meal banana rice chicken

Epic Gains Season Meal! 😀

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